About SafePlace


A community free of rape, sexual abuse and domestic violence.


SafePlace is ending sexual and domestic violence through safety, healing, prevention and social change.


Provides Safety for individuals and families affected by sexual and domestic violence.

Helps victims in their Healing so they can move beyond being defined by the crimes committed against them, and become Survivors.

Promotes safe and healthy relationships for the Prevention of sexual and domestic violence.

Works with others to create Change in attitudes, behaviors and policies that perpetuate the acceptance of, and impact our understanding and responses to, sexual and domestic violence.

History of SafePlace

Forty years ago, women’s advocates in Austin saw a need to support women in the community who had experienced sexual and domestic violence. Within a few short years the Austin Rape Crisis Center (1974) and Center for Battered Women (1977), the first rape crisis center and the first shelter in Texas respectively, opened their doors. The Center for Battered Women was one of the first in the nation, receiving national acclaim as a leading program to offer safety for abused women and their children.

Through the years, both agencies expanded their services to better address the ever-growing needs of the community and, in 1998, joined to combine resources and help more survivors, their families and the Austin/Travis County community. SafePlace became a unified source of hope for women, children and men hurt by sexual and domestic violence. The agency continues to be nationally-recognized as a leader for its innovative and effective programs.

SafePlace has come a long way in the last 40 years. While continuing to support the immediate needs of survivors through the 24-hour hotline, hospital accompaniment, shelter and counseling services, the agency has added programs that educate, build awareness, provide support in accessing resources and work with the children of survivors to move beyond the trauma resulting from the violence in their lives.

SafePlace provides extensive community outreach, education and prevention programs through the Expect Respect Program for teens and youth, Disability Services, Deaf Services, Community Education and Community Dialogue.  Many of these programs, trainings and materials are used nationwide by other shelters, law enforcement and advocates.

SafePlace is a founding partner, along with the Austin Children’s Shelter, in LIFT: An Alliance to End Abuse. Through this alliance, we can amplify our voices and do more to end family violence and sexual abuse in our community.